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            Online Service

            TPU FilmEnvironmentally friendly new materials, the new favorite of the plastics industry

            Advantages of TPU

            Green, safe and non-toxic

            TPU is a completely environmentally friendly material, safe and odorless, free of harmful substances.

            Our Advantages

            The TPU raw materials selected by our company are all supplied by the strength manufacturers.

            Advantages of TPU

            Excellent performance,widely used

            TPU has excellent abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance, bending resistance, grease resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature flexibility, as well as good air tightness and biocompatibility, so it is widely used in many fields.

            Our Advantages

            The TPU raw materials used by our company have passed strict incoming inspection, with excellent performance and stable quality.

            Advantages of TPU

            Simple processing & diversified appearance

            TPU film can be formed independently or in combination with other materials. It can be printed, embossed, laminated, laminated and transferred, with various surface forms.

            Our Advantages

            Our company has advanced production lines and experienced technical personnel, according to customer and market demand.

            Advantages of TPU

            Broad application prospects

            TPU film has been applied in more and more fields and can replace PVC, EVA and other film materials comprehensively.

            Our Advantages

            We have experienced technical team, can according to the market and customer needs to develop new materials.

            Service Process

            Propose Concept

            Tell Us your request

            Material Trial

            Provide suitable sample trials

            Color Confirmation

            Provide color confirmation sample

            Products Confirmation

            Make the final confirmation sample

            Material Production

            Strictly arrange production as requirement

            After-Sale Service

            Solve customer problems in material use

            Focus on TPUWe specialize in different fields. We only do TPU for ten years

            01Domestic large-scale production of TPU film suppliers

            Our company specializes in R&D and production of TPU film, standardized production and large-scale supply.

            Domestic and foreign manufacturers of long-term partners, the industry reputation of TPU film suppliers.

            02Professional technical team, strong production capacity

            We have always adhered to the tradition and innovation, relying on long-term processing experience and technology accumulation, while ensuring the steady quality of conventional products.

            03Strict quality control, quality assurance

            The TPU raw materials are supplied by the strength manufacturers. Each batch has the physical property and environmental protection test report issued by the incoming inspection and third-party testing institutions. The quality stability and continuity are good.

            04Resources integration & affordable price

            Using cost-effective TPU raw materials, large-scale procurement using advanced production lines, high production efficiency.

            Factory price has market advantage.

            05Professional Express Service

            We can provide material composition testing, material process analysis, material use advice and process guidance, can quickly proofing and supply.

            Conventional materials have long-term safety inventory, effectively shorten the customer procurement cycle.

            About Us

            Dongguan Mingcheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong - Taiwan joint venture. The company was founded in 1999, the early professional commitment to the introduction of foreign high-quality, high-performance plastic raw materials and plastic modification processing, in 2003, the introduction of Germany's advanced TPU film production line, the production of various types of TPU film.

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